LED Streetlights Brighten Harrisburg

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Harrisburg City Council has installed several different brands of LED Streetlights along Front Street. The city would like residents to visit Front Street to get your opinion on which streetlights you prefer. Once the brand of LED light is determined, the city plans to convert all streetlights, a move that will pay for itself with energy savings over the coming years.

How Do I Cast My Vote?

The City of Harrisburg has provided a map of the proposed LED streetlights, a spreadsheet and an email address to submit the spreadsheet. Once you visit Front Street, make a note of the lights you prefer, using the map and annotating that on your spreadsheet. Email the spreadsheet to the City and wait for Harrisburg officials to announce a winner.

You can send your info to info@harrisburgpa.gov. The City is counting on your votes, so please send your feedback to help make Harrisburg a safer place.

New Lights Brighter, Safer for Harrisburg Streets

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