No Injuries Reported In Car Accident With School Bus

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A passenger car collided with a school bus this morning on Route 322 near Bridgeville Road, in East Earl Township, roughly 20 miles East of Lancaster, 11 miles East of Ephrata. There were five children on the bus during the accident and thankfully, no injuries reported. Route 322 was closed for approximately 30 minutes and police are investigating the accident.

Remember, Injuries Can Linger Long After an Accident

It is very fortunate that everyone involved in the accident was alright afterwards, but realize that there may still be some injuries reported several days after a crash. As PA car accident attorneys, we get questions about injuries that surfaced long after a serious accident. This is not uncommon, as your body has several defense mechanisms in place to help you deal with trauma.

Noticing Injuries After a Car Accident

Any sudden trauma, such as a car accident, will trigger adrenaline and endorphins to surge. These chemicals are the body’s self defense mechanism which allows you to keep moving, possibly to escape danger. Adrenaline also stimulates the body and blocks pain.

Once those chemicals wear off, the pain starts and the injuries become more apparent. It is not uncommon for someone to be involved in a car accident without noticing any immediate injury, only to discover much later that they have suffered injuries directly related to the accident.

How Long Can I Wait To File An Injury Claim After An Accident?

The truth is, you should not wait at all to file an injury claim after an accident, in fact, the sooner the better. There are time constraints in Pennsylvania law regarding filing injury claims after any serious accident. Exceeding these can severely harm your injury case and the possibility of you recovering damages (payments) to compensate you for your property losses, medical bills, and pain & suffering. Talk to an injury lawyer at our law firm today for a Free Consultation about your legal rights to compensation.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately After A Car Accident

See a physician after any car accident to get a complete evaluation of your condition. Even if you feel you are not injured, allow time for the injuries to manifest themselves fully and see a doctor just in case. Once you sign a release, you may have no recourse to compensation for your treatment. Many, if not all, releases are worded to waive your legal right to compensation.

PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer Near Me?

Handler Henning and Rosenberg has been helping the injured people of Pennsylvania since 1922 get the compensation they deserve for the negligence of others. With Pennsylvania Law Offices in Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, York PA, Hanover PA and Carlisle PA, we have an office near you to help you get the legal advice you need after a car accident.

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