Should Bikers Be Allowed to “Ride on Red” Lights?

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If you ride a motorcycle, you know how it feels to sit at a traffic light waiting for it to change to green for you. Of course, the only way it finally does, is if a car pulls up behind you, or in one of the other lanes to trip the light into it’s cycle. Well bikers, there is a new bill in place that may allow riders to proceed with caution through an intersection with an unresponsive light. The new bill is being called the “Ride on Red” proposal.

Supported by A.B.A.T.E.

The new bill has quite a bit of support, including the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) of Pennsylvania. A lobbyist for ABATE stressed that riders have been dealing with this problem for decades. He states some riders run the red light, and if cited, have a good chance at getting the ticket dismissed in court for a faulty traffic signal. However, any days in court take away from time at work, and it’s hardly a solution – this bill aims to help that.

Why Don’t The Lights Change?

Motorcycles can be too small for an electronic eye to see them, or too light for weight sensors to detect them. There have been gadgets developed for riders, including large magnets mounted to the bottom of the bike, but none are foolproof. Many wonder if the lights can simply be adjusted to see motorcycles, and the answer is many of them can. However, getting the local townships to do so is a battle that is apparently harder than passing a bill.

Motorcycle Season is Coming – Be Careful

As motorcycle injury lawyers in Pennsylvania, we know that most motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider, but the other driver. Most people who do not ride simply fail to properly estimate the speed of a motorcycle approaching. Many others are not looking for a motorcycle before merging, they’re looking for a car - seeing none, they pull into traffic and a rider ends up paying the price.

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