Workers’ Compensation Benefits Drop While Employers’ Costs Rise

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Earlier this month, The National Academy of Social Insurance released a report entitled Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Coverage and Costs that shows Workers’ Compensation benefits are declining for employees while overall employer costs increase despite a growing workforce.

Statistical Comparison of Changes Between 2009 & 2013

  • 3.8% Increase in Covered Workers
  • 13.8% Increase in Covered Wages
  • 8.2% Increase in Workers’ Compensation Benefits Paid (10.3% in Medical Benefits, 6.2% in Cash Benefits)
  • 19.8% Increase in Employers’ Cost for Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage

Cost of Workers’ Compensation Benefits vs. Employers’ Costs

  • Total Workers’ Compensation Benefits paid for 2013 = $63.6 Billion
  • Total Employer Costs for Workers’ Compensation Related Payments = $88.5 Billion

Medical Benefits The Highest in 30 Years

Over the last 30 years, health costs have continued to climb. The cost of medical benefits in relation to a typical Workers’ Compensation claim has gone from 29% in 1980 to 50% in 2013. In fact, medical benefits currently account for over half the cost of a Workers’ Compensation claim in more than 30 states (60%).

Harder Than Ever To Qualify For Benefits

According to John F. Burton, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers and Cornell University, the decline in benefits to workers is partly attributed to “…a drop in workplace injuries as well as changes in many state laws that make it more difficult to qualify for benefits.” Many states have changed the way they compensate particular diagnosis, so some conditions will be paid far less than others. As a part of these changes, many more states also have adopted inflated procedures that require more paperwork, and stricter time constraints to file the necessary documents.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Much More Complex

Many injured workers see their claim delayed after they miss a deadline or simply forget to fill out all the fields on the form. We talk to people in our office all the time who have had their Workers’ Compensation claim denied, unsure where to turn, we typically help them file an appeal for benefits. Our experience helps get the issue resolved faster, and with a better outcome. See what some of our previous clients say about how we handled their claims.

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