OSHA Cites PA Tree Trimming Company - Again

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The Davey Tree Expert Company was cited for putting their employees and others at risk. This citation stems from the death of a Davey employee in June 2014. The man killed was trimming trees and removing vegetation from a worksite located in Claysburg, PA when a utility vehicle (UTV) rolled over him. He later died from his injuries.

The Occupational Statewide Health Administration (OSHA) found that the employer did willfully put the employee and others at risk by operating their UTV outside of manufacturer’s safety guidelines. The manufacturer imposed a 15-degree slope limit for safe operation of the UTV, while Davey Tree Co. was operating the vehicle on a 20-degree slope.

Severe Violator Enforcement Program

OSHA placed the company in it’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program for this willful violation. Willful violations are defined as being executed with intentional, voluntary or knowing disregard for requirements of law, or without regard to employee health & safety.

Not the First Violation for Davey

In July 2012, in Central Pennsylvania, an incident occurred involving the rollover of a UTV being used by The Davey Tree Expert Co. Davey Tree admitted they had exceeded the UTV’s slope limits and acknowledged the hazard of operating the vehicle on steep or rugged terrain. Pittsburgh OSHA Director Christopher Robinson stated "Even with this knowledge, Davey Tree continued to expose workers to dangerous rollovers and permitted UTV use on steep slopes."

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