Chain Reaction Car Accident Involves 18 Vehicles

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Whiteout Conditions Blamed For 18-Vehicle Chain Reaction Car Accident

Chain Reaction Accident Results In 18 vehicle collision consisting of 9 passenger vehicles and several 18-wheeler semi trucks.

The accident happened late Wednesday on Interstate 80, roughly 60 miles from Ohio, in the Clarion Township. There were almost 10 people injured in the accident and two deaths reported. Earlier reports estimated over a dozen injured, but those reports were based upon a busload of 20 people being taken away from the accident. The bus was merely a warm place for the drivers in the frigid 10-degree temperatures, not transport to the hospital.

Initially, those injured in the accident were taken to nearby Clarion Hospital. People with more serious injuries were transferred to Pittsburgh area hospitals for treatment.

What is a Snow Squall?

Officials are blaming the chain reaction crash on a snow squall (also known as a whiteout) which is a sudden snow fall with gusty surface winds, but unlike a typical blizzard, the squall is confined to a more localized area. The two types of snow squalls are frontal and, as in this case, lake effect.

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