Proposed Hiking Ban During Hunting Seasons

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PA Game Commission Proposes Hiking Ban During Hunting Seasons

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is proposing a ban on hiking on state game lands during hunting seasons in Spring and Fall. The Spring and Fall seasons are very popular among hikers.

Hikers May Be Required To Carry Permits

The Game Commission is also proposing a requirement for hikers to carry a permit, one that comes with a fee. Some hikers believe this is an attempt at increasing revenue.

Conservationists are not entirely supporting the proposal either, as they feel some of the legislation is murky regarding out-of-state hikers. Also, they feel that the added red tape involved may discourage hikers from experiencing the great outdoors.

Meetings Scheduled

The Board of Game Commissioners is scheduled to meet Tuesday, January 27th to consider the proposal and a public meeting is scheduled for the following Sunday, February 1st.