PA Court Grants Workers’ Compensation Benefits To Worker Injured During Attempted Rescue

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Construction Worker Injured While Attempting To Rescue Fallen Coworker

In a recent Workers’ Compensation case, a Pennsylvania court determined that a construction worker who was injured while attempting to rescue another worker is entitled to Work Comp benefits until he can return to work. At the construction job site, located at a local sewage treatment plant, a worker fell into a cement pit. Three other workers hurried to help the fallen man, but found him dead at the bottom of the pit. As one of the men was exiting the pit, he was overcome with methane gas and fell from the ladder, suffering serious injuries.

State Workers Compensation Appeals Board Rules in Favor of The Employee

After initially being granted workers’ compensation benefits, the employer and their insurance company fought to appeal that ruling. They argued that the employees urge to rescue another worker was not “employment-related” and that the employee should not be due work comp benefits. The Pennsylvania State Workers Compensation Appeals Board ruled that the rescue attempt did fall “within the course and scope of his employment” and that any attempt to help another person is not the equivalent of forfeiting employment.

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