Trooper From Hershey Injured Helping Stranded Motorist

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PA State Trooper In Critical Condition After Crash

A 22-year veteran of the PA State Police, Sgt. Robert Bemis was assisting a stranded motorist Friday afternoon when he was struck by another driver. Sgt. Bemis had pulled his unmarked police vehicle to the side of the road to help a person driving a Cadillac that had caught fire. While assisting that driver, another driver lost control of her SUV after braking too hard, colliding into Sgt. Bemis’ vehicle. The officer’s vehicle was pushed into the Cadillac and Sgt. Bemis was caught between them both.

All three of the SUV’s occupants were unharmed, while the Cadillac driver suffered minor injuries. Sgt. Bemis was airlifted to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, where it was reported that he has multiple broken bones and is expected to survive his injuries. The accident happened along Interstate 81 South in Schuykill County, between the Frackville and Highridge Park Road exits.

Slow Down & Steer Clear for Emergency Responders & Road Workers

There is already litigation in place to fine drivers for disobeying Pennsylvania’s Steer Clear law, which requires drivers to move to a lane that is not immediately adjacent to an emergency response area if possible. PennDOT even emphasized the rule last December.

A Reminder To Drive Careful

While fines are a nice way to remind people, this story should be an even more poignant reminder. A reminder that people working alongside the highway are regular people like you and me, and they just want to get home to their families after a long day at work. In this case, the person injured has put his life on the line for over 20 years, only to have that lifetime threatened by a careless driver.

So Many Injuries Can Be Avoided

As Pennsylvania Injury Lawyers, we see too many people suffering from injuries that may have been avoided. Most times, the smallest amount of care applied to the situation could avoid harming anyone. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured by another person's lack of care, you may be able to file an injury claim for negligence.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation

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