Workers’ Compensation Benefits Harder To Get?

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Is The Workers’ Compensation System In Decline?

A recent report on the state of Workers’ Compensation by ProPublica/NPR entitled “Demolition of Workers’ Comp”, paints a very dreary picture of an archaic system that has strayed too far from it’s humble intentions. The painting includes a man who lost a hand in a work-related accident, who was told by his doctor that he would be a perfect candidate for a robotic hand. As the story goes, he was instructed by the workers’ compensation insurer to visit another doctor, in another state. The second doctor recommended a (cheaper) metal hook as a replacement after one visit with the worker.

Reforms and Revisions Shift Burden of Payment

Sweeping revisions came in the early 1970s as Congress developed a commission to examine and reassess state laws of workers’ compensation. As a result, 19 recommendations were accepted as the foundation for modern workers’ compensation benefits. In the 1990s, another round of cutbacks began, which continued into the 2000s. State regulations became more business-friendly by lowering workers’ compensation coverage premiums to encourage new business’ growth. As a result, the public has had to take on much of that burden.

Many Changes in PA Workers’ Compensation

While it’s true that there have been many revisionary changes to Workers’ Compensation, rest assured that Handler Henning and Rosenberg has been keeping current with all new laws, regulations, and restrictions placed upon Pennsylvania’s injured workers who file for worker’s comp benefits. We handle work injury cases all the time, and have been helping the people of Pennsylvania since 1922.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

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