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    Injuries and disabilities caused while on the job are particularly challenging in both a physical and a mental sense. It’s very hard for workers who have been highly active to suddenly be forced to adjust to a different level of mobility, especially when that diminished activity carries negative financial consequences. None of these circumstances create a good space in which to be handling a complicated claim for workers’ compensation without expert assistance and advice.

    At Handler Henning & Rosenberg, we maintain a team of Chambersburg Workers’ Compensation Lawyers and the firm itself has been handling cases for injured workers since 1922. We understand both the difficulties inherent in the compensation claims and the overall situation for the worker involved. We believe in this process, and we want to see the proper benefits put in your hands.

    Documentation Is Essential in Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Obviously the primary concern in an instance of an on-the-job injury is to seek medical attention, but it is also important to think about the paper trail that is necessary in filing any disability claim. From the start, you will want to obtain copies of all your medical records. Keep receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, and if possible, make notes about the accident itself and what occurs in the aftermath. Who were the witnesses? What if any equipment or machinery was involved? Is it possible to get photographs? The more data you can amass relevant to your claim, the greater chance that claim will be granted.

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    Many workers are curiously reluctant to seek claims under the workers’ compensation laws even though the State of Pennsylvania established those statutes specifically to provide financial assistance to people injured on the job. These benefits were designed to mitigate medical expenses and support the cost of living for workers while they recover. Claiming those benefits is your legal right.

    Unfortunately, there are many ways in which an employer may seek to prevent your workers’ compensation claim from succeeding. You may actually be watched in an attempt to prove you are faking your injury. Your employer may ask that you be “independently” evaluated by a doctor of their choosing or speak with a vocational “counselor.” None of these things are in your best interests, and in fact, you should not be speaking to anyone about your claim except your attorney.

    The lawyers at Handler Henning & Rosenberg offer free legal consultations to injured workers, and if you ask us to proceed with the handling of your workers’ compensation claim, we will do so on a no fee guarantee.

    Contact a Chambersburg Workers’ Compensation Attorney at HHR Today by Dialing 1-800-461-4140. The consultation is completely FREE.

    If you are satisfied with our initial consultation, we would like the chance to make your workers’ compensation benefits claim a simply and efficient process. At Handler Henning & Rosenberg, we work diligently on behalf of our clients and we get real results.

    Call us today at 1-800-461-4140 to start the process of putting this whole matter behind you and getting on with what really matters — your own life.

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