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  • The lawyers and attorneys at our firm are offering free case evaluations to individuals experiencing pain and suffering caused by defective Durom Cup hip implant components.  In July 2008, Zimmer Holdings announced it was suspending sales of the Durom Cup hip implant component in the U.S. due to a high number of patient complaints.  If you or a loved one has been injured by this defective medical device, we urge you to contact one of our Durom Cup hip implant injury lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your case.

    Harrisburg Zimmer durom cup hip implant recall lawyers

    Zimmer designed the Durom Cup for use in young, active patients who are likely to outlive a conventional hip prosthesis. It has been discovered that many patients receiving this defective device often experienced crippling pain following surgery, leaving them more disabled than they had been before the procedure. It is estimated that a large percentage of patients receiving the Durom Cup will need to undergo additional surgery to have this defective component replaced.

    Problems with the Durom Cup hip implant first became apparent in April 2008, when Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Lawrence Dorr publicly warned other orthopedists about cup failures his patients were experiencing.  According to Dr. Dorr – who was also a highly paid consultant for Zimmer – months after routine hip replacements, patients who had expected to live without pain were in agony.

    Dr. Dorr heard from several other doctors, reporting similar problems in their patients. Additionally, our Durom Cup hip implant injury lawyers have heard from numerous people about the excruciating pain they suffer following their implantation with this defective medical device.

    Sales of the Durom Cup Finally Suspended

    In April 2008, after getting ignored by Zimmer, Dr. Dorr took his concerns to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons. In late May, Zimmer finally publicly announced to surgeons that it was investigating Dr. Dorr’s complaint. The letter also stated that Zimmer did not suspend sales, as Dr. Dorr had recommended.  While it investigated complaints, roughly 1300 more patients were implanted with the Durom Cup in the U.S. alone.

    Despite their repeated claims that the Durom Cup implant is safe, Zimmer has stopped marketing the device in the U.S.  The company has also discontinued the holding of an investigational clinical trial evaluating Durom in hip resurfacing procedures.  Zimmer isn’t planning on discontinuing the cup permanently, they have plans to update the labeling for the device, and reintroduce to the U.S. market by 2009.

    Zimmer’s Durom Cup Letter to Surgeons (PDF)

    If you or a loved one has experienced crippling pain or injury following implantation with the Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant component, you have legal rights.  Please fill out our online form, or call the Law Offices of Handler Henning & Rosenberg, LLP immediately to discuss your case with an experienced Durom Cup hip implant lawyer.

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