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  • Pressure Transducers Recalled Due to Failure During Fire

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    In a news release, Gems Sensors Inc, in association with and in compliance with the standards and regulations of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced the voluntary safety recall of Gems 3100 Pressure Detectors/Transducers due to an issue that could result in the product’s failure in the event of a fire, increasing the risk of a fire hazard for consumers.

    The recall applies to roughly 25,000 Gems 3100 Pressure Detectors/ Transducers that were sold directly to end-users by the company and through distributors from January 2006 through February 2012. The pressure transducers are designed to detect pressure in a variety of applications, including water pressure as a part of a fire pump controller in a sprinkler system. The affected transducers can be identified by their 18-digit part numbers, which begin with “3100”. This recall was initiated when Gems Sensors learned that the recalled transducers could potentially fail to accurately detect water pressure in a fire suppression sprinkler system, resulting in the failure of the system to activate and pump water through sprinklers during a fire. Thus far, the company has received no reports of injury or any incidents where the transducers have failed to activate sprinkler systems during fires.

    Consumers are being encouraged to contact the company to receive enhanced inspection instructions and, when warranted, a free replacement transducer. Consumers using the recalled transducers in applications other than to detect water pressure in fire suppression sprinkler systems are urged to contact the company as well to determine whether their units are affected by this recall.

    As a Harrisburg personal injury attorney, I’ve seen this kind of safety recall in the past and understand the injuries that can come of the use of a defective product. If you’ve suffered an injury through the normal use of a defective product, contact a Lancaster personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights as they pertain to the matter.

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