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Tens of Millions of Dollars Recovered for the Injured

Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP has been advocating for clients for 95+ years. We have faithfully stood strong for individuals injured in vehicle accidents, by dangerous products, and due to workplace negligence. We know how serious these accidents are and how devastating they can be to the victim and their family—both physically and financially. That is why our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers go above and beyond to recover maximum compensation on behalf of the injured. Since 1922, our firm has obtained tens of millions of dollars for our clients. Take a look at some of our case results to learn more about our experience and proven skills in securing justice for injury victims.

  • $2.5 Million

    Pharmaceutical Litigation

    This case is one of the many pharmaceutical litigation claims that we have made against pharmaceutical companies. We settled the case for $2.5 million dollars on behalf of a client who had taken a drug that was subsequently removed from the market by the FDA. The client suffered severe heart complications which required heart surgery and has left the client with a permanent injury. Due to a Confidentiality Agreement which was made part of the settlement with the pharmaceutical company we are unable to disclose more information concerning the facts of the settlement.
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  • $2.375 Million

    Tractor Trailer/Industrial Site Incident

    This case involved an incident that occurred at a mine reclamation site. Our client was standing behind a payloader, when a tractor pulling a tanker negligently backed into our client, crushing him between the end of the tractor trailer and the payloader. A lawsuit was filed, and after extensive litigation which included the taking of 29 depositions; the parties engaged in a 9 hour Mediation Conference. The case was ultimately resolved for a settlement in the amount of $2,375,000.00.
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  • $1.8 Million

    Mesothelioma Litigation

    This involves a 61 year old York County man who died from Mesothelioma as a result of years of on the job exposure to Asbestos. Mesothelioma is a tragic and aggressive illness that can devastate a family. The client’s health decline rapidly and died within a year of his diagnosis. Our litigation team was able to successfully litigate and ultimately settle this claim for $1.8 million to help compensate the victim’s family for their loss.
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  • $1.5 Million

    Tractor Trailer Car Crash

    This case involved a tractor trailer that ran into the back of a vehicle that was stopped for traffic. Our client who was the driver of the vehicle that was stopped for traffic, suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash. Rather than litigate the case, the trucking company wanted to have the case Mediated and the family agreed. After Mediation, the case settled for 1.5 million dollars. The victim is survived by her husband and adult daughter.

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  • $1.2 Million

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Case concerns a Fayette County man who was involved in a crash with another vehicle on an icy roadway. He sustained severe back injuries which required many surgeries and left him permanently disabled from work. He owned a large farm and was unable to work the farm and the logging area on his farm. He first was with another attorney, but came to our firm to meet with Attorney Rosenberg. The case went into litigation with his own insurance company on an Underinsured Motorist claim. His own insurance company made low offers, therefore, the case had to be litigated. An award was entered close to $1.2 million for the client.
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  • $1.2 Million

    Motorcycle Crash

    This case involves a Lancaster woman who was killed while riding her motorcycle, when a truck pulled out in front of her. After Mediation, the case settled for $1.2 million. The victim is survived by her husband and a daughter.
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  • $1.1 Million Plus

    Head-on Collision

    This case concerns a Lebanon man who was involved in a head-on collision when he was 31 years old. He sustained severe neck injuries that required several operations, leaving him permanently disabled from work. The case was settled with the negligent party for $25,000. An Underinsured Motorist claim was then pursued through the client’s own insurance company. Since that insurance company would not agree to pay the policy limits of the coverage and even contested our client’s injures, an arbitration action had to be initiated. Handler, Henning & Rosenberg succeeded in getting an award of $1,185,000 for the client.
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  • $900,000

    Wrongful Death

    This case involved a 14 year-old boy who was tragically killed as a result of an All-terrain vehicle accident. The minor driver of the vehicle had not taken safety courses before operation of the ATV. The decedent was a passenger on the vehicle which was involved in a crash causing his death. After filing a law suit, Handler, Henning and Rosenberg was successful in settling this case without protracted litigation.
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  • $850,000

    Medical Negligence

    This case involves a nine year old child who suffered from spina fida. The child underwent orthopedic surgery. As a result of the surgery the child developed anoxia (absence of oxygen to the brain) which resulted in brain death and the subsequent death of the child five days after the orthopedic surgery was performed and life support was removed.

    This case was successfully settled for $850,000 after filing suit and proceeding to Mediation.

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  • $731,932

    Motorcycle/motor Vehicle Accident

    This case involved a young man in his late twenties who was riding a motorcycle and was struck by an intoxicated driver. The client sustained a fractured pelvis, a fractured right leg and fractured collarbone. The individual missed several months of work but eventually recuperated to the point where he was able to return to his pre-injury occupation. The Defendant was contesting liability contending that our client was making an illegal U-turn.

    Handler Henning & Rosenberg, LLP was successful in obtaining a $731,932 settlement after filing suit and proceeding to Mediation.

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  • $500,000

    Premises Liability

    This case involved a young man who was visiting a relative at his place of employment, a scrap yard. While there, he was hit in the face by a flying piece of scrap metal from a car being crushed nearby. This event caused extensive facial injuries which required surgery. This young man, who was recently married and a young father, suffered permanent scarring on his face. HHR was able to negotiate a reasonable settlement for this young man and his family.
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  • $450,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Case involved a minor passenger that was ejected from a vehicle when the driver was driving at an excessive rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle. The minor suffered minor brain injuries and cognitive issues. The liability case was settled for the limits of $50,000. Then a Underinsured Motorist Claim was pursued and settled for the policy limits of $400,000.
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  • $425,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Client was injured when rear-ended by a tractor trailer on Route 581. Client sustained sever neck injuries that left him permanently disabled. The case was settled outside of court and without the need for litigation.

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  • $400,000

    Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Incident

    This case involved an elderly woman attempting to cross a four lane urban roadway at night-time. She was struck by a motorist. Our client sustained an ankle fracture, fractured right arm and fractured ribs. We believed that the motorist was careless and inattentive. The motorist’s insurance company initially denied liability, however, after filing a lawsuit and gathering information about the lighting conditions and obtaining measurements at the site of the collision, Mr. Henning was able to persuade the motorist’s insurance company that their insured was negligent and Mr. Henning was then successful in negotiating with the insurance company to persuade them to tender their full policy limit of $400,000.00.
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  • $300,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Client was injured when a negligent driver ran a red light and hit her at an intersection. Client suffered from a broken pelvis and a fractured sacrum. After extensive negotiations, an out of court settlement was reached.
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  • $265,000

    Motorcycle Accident

    This case involved a motorcycle operator who was following a truck carrying hay bales. The truck hit overhead utility lines, which swung down and “clothes-lined” client in the neck. He sustained neck injury, requiring surgery. Handler, Henning and Rosenberg was able to find those responsible, and forced a settlement in this case.
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  • $250,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    This was a case that settled right before trial. It involved two individuals who were driving down the road when, a tractor-trailer drove by them and a barrel fell off the trailer. The barrel broke open and spilled on the roadway with some ore crashing through the window, striking the passenger and killing her instantly. The tractor-trailer left the scene of the collision. The Pennsylvania State Police were called to investigate and even set up some roadblocks, but they were too late and were never able to find out who was driving the tractor-trailer. Approximately two years later and, shortly before the Statute of Limitations was to run out, the husband came to our office distraught. Our office investigated this matter and we were able to track down the truck driver. A lawsuit was filed and, after approximately a year of legal wrangling, we were able to settle the case on the eve of the trial.
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  • $150,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    Client was injured while she was a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. A phantom vehicle pulled out of a side road and struck the motorcycle, causing extensive leg injuries to the our client. Local police were never able to identify the phantom vehicle and the insurance on the motorcycle had lapsed. After an extensive legal battle, a settlement was reached with the client’s automobile insurance company on an Uninsured Motorist Claim.
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  • Disability Benefits for 2 ½ Years

    Workers’ Compensation

    A waitress slipped and fell on the job and suffered a lower back injury. Her employer denied the claim and there were no witnesses to her actual fall. After several hearings, and three doctors’ depositions, a Workers’ Compensation Judge awarded the waitress 2 ½ years of disability, retroactive and continuing into the future until further modifications by the Judge.
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