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Has your Social Security Disability claim been denied? You should contact a Social Security Disability (SSDI) lawyer to assist you with your appeal. The experienced Pennsylvania Social Security Disability attorney team at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP represents clients with disability claims in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, Hanover, and neighboring Pennsylvania communities.

Since 1922, our firm has established a reputation of excellence, winning millions on behalf of our clients. We are one of the largest firms in the area, able to take on even the most complex cases with extensive resources and decades of collective experience. Call (888) 498-3023 anytime, 24/7! We have Spanish-speaking services available.

How You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are paid to those unable to work due to poor health or injury.

The disability in question must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • It must be expected to last a minimum of one year.
  • It must be expected to result in death.

At least one of these must be in place in order to qualify. Disabled individuals are also required to provide medical proof of the disability to the Social Security Administration.

If your claim has been denied, do not give up hope. Our SSDI law firm is often able to help clients successfully appeal claims that have been initially denied.

Why Your SSDI Claim Was Denied

Statistically speaking, social security disability claims are denied more often than they’re accepted. Around 65% (or 2 out of 3) claims are rejected on a first attempt, with an 85% rejection rate on appeal. That’s why injured people turn to Social Security Disability lawyers after their initial rejection—our insight and experience help prepare your case and maximize its odds of winning.

Below are the most common reasons claims are denied. Many of these grounds for rejection may not sound like they apply to your case—but your daily life and what the SSA interprets from your claim’s documents can be two very different situations.

You’re Capable of Making Too Much Money

The SSA uses a standard called “Substantial Gainful Activity” to gauge whether you truly have a disability. For people who aren’t blind, the most they must be capable of earning (or can earn while injured) is $1,170 a month. If the SSA believes you are capable of making more than this amount, your claim will be rejected.

The only exception is if you’re earning income during a "trial work period." The SSA allows you to earn an income and receive disability payments at the same time for short period of time. This is to encourage beneficiaries to try working temporarily to see if they’re capable of it.

You Didn’t Listen to the Doctor’s Orders

When your physician prescribes therapies or treatments to help you recover from an injury, you’ll need to follow every instruction they give you. Otherwise, the SSA will argue that your disability wasn’t from the injury itself, but from choosing not to listen to your doctor's treatment plan.

The only exceptions to that rule are:

  • You/your loved one has a severe mental disability
  • You were unable to get necessary assistance to go
  • You were not prescribed an appropriate therapy
  • You couldn’t afford your prescribed therapy

A Social Security Disability attorney would be able to gather documentation to counter claims that you didn’t listen to your doctor, primarily by demonstrating how the above exceptions apply to your case.

You Lacked the Sufficient Treatment Records

This is more common for people living with non-physical disabilities. For instance, people with severe anxiety or depression might receive a prescription for antidepressants, but if a follow-up with a psychologist wasn’t reported, then the SSA may believe the prescription was all that was necessary. Attorneys can fix this issue by providing documentation of your mental health treatments.

Your Disability Is Linked to a Criminal Conviction

If you’re currently in prison or worsened your injury while in prison, that’s the most likely reason your benefits were denied. While it’s unlikely that you received your injury while committing a felony, the SSA does note that any injuries that resulted from committing a crime are not eligible for SSDI benefits.

How Disability Attorneys Can Help Your SSDI Case

While people have to live with the reality of their injuries on a day-to-day basis, the Social Security Administration uses strict rules and tables to standardize who gets benefits and who doesn’t. In order to ensure a successful claim, you have to learn how to speak the language of the SSA regulations—how to navigate their increasingly complex set of requirement and translate your daily life into a legal case.

That’s precisely what a Social Security Disability attorney does.

Your attorney can do the following to maximize the odds your case will be approved on appeal:

  • Gather sufficient medical documentation
  • File the appropriate forms prior to the hearing
  • Develop the best strategy for handling your case
  • Gather expert testimony on your functional limits
  • Schedule the exams you’ll need to undergo
  • Prepare you for your appeal hearing

The first thing an attorney can do for you is give you realistic expectations. Years of experience teach attorneys how to gauge the odds of success. After an initial consultation with a disability claims attorney, they’ll be able to tell you if pursuing an appeal is right for you—which saves you time and trouble.

Call a Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyer for a Free Consult!

We assist clients who are no longer able to work due to serious injuries and have 100+ years of combined experience representing thousands of injured clients in Pennsylvania. Let an SSDI attorney from Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP handle your case so you can receive the compensation you deserve.

For more information about your legal options in a free case evaluation, call (888) 498-3023 to contact Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP. Our firm would be proud to assist you in claiming the financial support that's rightfully yours.

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  • Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP (717) 775-7579 1300 Linglestown Rd
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  • Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP (717) 775-7579 1300 Linglestown Rd
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    HHR was 100% on my side the whole way through.
  • Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLP (717) 775-7579 1300 Linglestown Rd
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    Harrisburg, PA 17110
    I put my trust in your hands and were happy that you settled my case!
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