Harmful Side Effects from Drug Interactions

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Dangerous Drug Mixture Leads to Harmful Side Effects

A Bensalem woman was prescribed medications that may have resulted in serious, possibly permanent, harmful side effects from the reactions of two specific drugs. The patient was being prescribed Provochol, which is a statin used to lower cholesterol. She was also prescribed two antiviral medications, Norvir and Prezista. These prescriptions were authorized by three doctors, a physician’s assistant, and the Neshaminy Pharmacy in Bensalem.

The patient was never advised by any medical professionals about the dangers of using antivirals in conjunction with statin medications. Mixing these two drugs can have serious side effects that can become permanent.

Unable to Walk

The issue came to rise after the patient made a visit to the emergency room. She told doctors at the ER that she was unable to bear weight or walk. Doctors examined her and found that she suffered from severe rhabdomylsis, which is a condition that results in the breakdown of muscle fibers, usually resulting from a muscle injury. As the fibers break down, they enter the blood stream and can lead to kidney failure.

Dangerous Drugs and Harmful Side Effects

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