Semi Truck Crashes into MRI Clinic, Killing One

The driver of a big-rig died in a truck accident late Monday night after his semi truck careened into a Carlisle PA medical clinic. The cause of the accident is unknown, and the troubling part is that there are no skid marks where the truck left the interstate.

Reports indicate that the truck, a milk tanker, left I-81 between College Street and Plainfield. After the big rig left the roadway, it landed on it’s side and slid into the Carlisle Regional Pain Management Clinic. Emergency personnel pronounced the driver dead at the scene.

Cleanup of the truck accident took longer than anticipated for a couple of reasons. First, the milk from the tanker had to be transferred to another truck to salvage what cargo was left. Also, an MRI machine inside the clinic was active at the time of the crash and providing a very strong magnetic pull. One of the firemen’s metal tools was actually stuck to the MRI machine.

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Our hearts go out to the big-rig driver’s family members at this time of loss, and although this truck accident involved a single vehicle, this is not the norm. Most times, a passenger vehicle is involved in a truck accident, and most times, the car suffers much more damage than a semi-truck does. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in a car accident with a truck or any other vehicle, be sure to protect your rights by speaking to an injury lawyer at Handler Henning & Rosenberg before it’s too late.

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