Steer Clear Or Face A Fine

Failure to Steer Clear Could Result in Fines, Suspensions

PennDOT is reminding motorists about the Pennsylvania Steer Clear law that requires drivers to move to a lane that is not immediately adjacent to an emergency response area. This is in response to a state trooper being struck by a pickup truck in October while the trooper was removing debris from the roadway after an accident.

Beginning Saturday, December 5th and continuing through December 13th, over 200 digital signs throughout the state will be displaying a Steer Clear message to raise awareness. PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch released a statement urging people to “let PA workers, police, and emergency responders focus on doing their jobs and returning home safely every day.”

Move Over or Face A Fine

Failure to honor the Steer Clear law could result in a fine up to $250. In certain areas, the fine can be doubled. If a first-responder is hurt, the driver may lose their license for 90 days.

So Many Injuries Can Be Avoided

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