Social Security Disability Benefits Under Fire

Disability recipients held in the middle while Senators argue

Some Senators in Washington are trying to ‘catalyze a broader discussion’ on Social Security Disability benefits and seem willing to hold disabled Americans hostage in the process.

The Social Security’s disability trust fund is running dangerously low, so there is a plan in place to reallocate funds temporarily from other programs to cover the gap. The reallocation process is being blocked by the ‘broader discussion’ in order to force cuts on those receiving benefits.

False Accusations of Fraudulent Disability Claims

Claims of fraud by these (very wealthy) Senators are grossly over exaggerated, as are claims of people ‘double dipping’ by receiving unemployment while receiving disability payments. Actual facts show that of disability beneficiaries, 71 percent get half or more of their income from their disability payments.

There are also assertions that disability claims have skyrocketed in recent years, when in fact, they have increased relatively the same speed as the population is aging. Rebecca Vallas of the Center for American Progress states “There has been little change over the past two decades in the share of nonelderly adults receiving Supplemental Security due to a disability.”

Finally, there is the claim that lax rules are allowing people to get benefits they don’t deserve. Let us tell you, as experienced Pennsylvania Social Security Disability attorneys, that is simply not true.

Social Security Disability Is A Complex Process

Filing a disability claim for benefits is a bit daunting, but keeping track of timelines and required paperwork to navigate the red tape of your case can cause people to give up as soon as their claim has been denied. Don’t give up, we can help you file an appeal to get the disability benefits you deserve.

Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys

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Avoid the mistakes that can stop your disability claim from being approved, trust our experience to get you the benefits you deserve. We know when to file important paperwork, and when to expect a response, so we follow up until we get you just compensation.

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