Strains and Sprains Most Common Workers Compensation Injuries

The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation and Workplace Safety Office’s annual report states that there were over 85,000 work injuries and illnesses in Pennsylvania in 2012 and over one hundred deaths. Of the work related injuries, strains and sprains accounted for nearly half (43.9%) of the total workers compensation cases reported in 2012.

Most sprains and strains happened in the trunk area, which means a lot of strained backs. In fact, there were more work related strained back injuries than those involving hands and fingers. Now that we know where people are being injured, what are the causes?

Common Causes of Injuries Reported For PA Workers Compensation Claims

The leading cause of injuries reported for PA workers’ compensation claims in 2012 was overexertion. The report defines overexertion as lifting, pulling, pushing, etc. There were 25,481 of these workers compensation cases in Pennsylvania in 2012.

The Complexities of Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims in Pennsylvania can be extremely complicated, confusing, and worst of all, time consuming. One small mistake can damage your claim and delay your benefits. When you are injured at work or on the job, you would be best served by hiring a professional Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney to handle things correctly the first time.

Our attorneys know that by avoiding the pitfalls that can harm your claim and by timely filing of crucial paperwork, we can build the strongest possible case for your workers’ compensation claim. Get the compensation you deserve and leave the paperwork to us.

Help for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claims

If you were injured at work or on the job, you may be eligible to file for a workers’ compensation claim. Our law firm offers a free case evaluation about your case so you can get started today! We will visit you at home or in the hospital if you cannot come to our law offices in Harrisburg PA, Hanover PA, Lancaster PA, Carlisle PA or York PA.


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