Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Scam Uncovered Recently

A Wilkes Barre resident was recently surprised by a text message that claimed to be sent from the Social Security Administration. The text requested that he call Social Security to discuss a recent disability claim on file. This was relevant because he actually did file a recent disability claim. Thinking this may be legit, he called the number given (which had a Washington D.C. area code), and the person on the phone asked him for his Social Security number and other personal information.

Smartly, the gentleman refused to give his personal information and stated that he would call the toll free Social Security Administration phone number instead and ask them about the number he called. The other party hung up the phone immediately. When the man called the Social Security Administration in Washington D.C., they informed him that their office would never send anyone a text message.

The phone number has since been disconnected or is no longer in service.

How The Social Security Administration Office Operates

The Social Security Administration, as well as the IRS, never communicate by phone or text. The U.S. mail is the only way either of these administrations would contact citizens about their personal information.

A Warning to Those Filing for Disability

If you have filed a disability claim with the Social Security office, or if you are filing an appeal to a denied claim, we want you to be aware of this scam. Do not answer any texts that are supposedly from the IRS or the Social Security Administration.

Help for Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals Anywhere in Pennsylvania

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