The Busiest Travel Day of The Year

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Holiday Travel Tips

The busiest travel day of the year is fast approaching, so stay ahead of the game by planning ahead. Currently, the weather forecast for Wednesday is a 90% chance of Heavy Snow/Sleet. Whether you plan on driving or flying, we have compiled some helpful safety tips for you below.

Check Your Flight Status With Your SmartPhone

Many airlines and travel service sites such as or have their own smartphone app that will allow you to check the status of your flight quickly. Some airlines will also have a feature whereby they can call you when a flight is delayed, to potentially save you some time in line.

  • Arrive Early: Get to the airport at least two hours before your departure time to allow for longer lines at ticket counters and security checkpoints.
  • Valuables, Medicines, Important Items: Keep these in your carry-on luggage if possible.
  • Shoes: Wear shoes that are easy to remove, which applies to coats as well.
  • Bags: Clearly label each piece of luggage with your name, address, and a contact number.
  • Gifts: Do not wrap your gifts, as they may need to be unwrapped before you board your flight. A possible alternative may be shipping your items instead of carrying them.
  • Heavy Traffic: Prepare for the worst, the roads will be crowded and weather is not going to cooperate with us this year.
  • TSA Guidelines: Many items should be stowed in your checked bags, so be sure to visit the TSA website for information. You should also visit the Prohibited Items page to help you plan ahead.

Be Safe, Plan Ahead, Have a Happy Holiday

Whatever your plans we wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday. We hope you are delivered safely to your destination for pleasant visit with family and friends. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, please remember our blog post featuring the Top 5 Questions After a Car Accident. As always, we offer a Free Case Evaluation about your legal rights after a car accident, so feel free to contact a car accident attorney at Handler Henning & Rosenberg if you need an injury lawyer to protect your rights.