Are Guardrail Ends Unsafe?

Whistleblower Case Initiates Questions About Guardrail Safety

Recently, a whistleblower was awarded a large settlement for reporting his former employer under the False Claims Act, typically used when a company is defrauding the government. The case involves Trinity Industries, a company that manufactures specialized ends (called Terminal Ends – specifically the ET-Plus) for guardrails throughout the U.S. The ET-Plus Terminal Ends were said to be modified by Trinity Industries in 2005 without notifying federal regulators of the design change.

Modified Guardrail Terminal Ends Blamed in Several Serious Accidents

At least five deaths have been attributed to the faulty guardrail terminal ends so far. Many more accidents involving serious injury are also suspected to be linked to the modified guardrails. This claim is being argued by Trinity Industries, stating that there was no wrongdoing and that the ET-Plus Guardrail ends are perfectly safe.

Malfunctioning Guardrails Present a Dangerous Situation

Most people don’t know this but, a guardrail is actually designed to stop your car safely, while causing minimal damage to your vehicle and the passengers inside. This happens in large part because of how the terminal end behaves on impact. When a guardrail works properly, the cap forces the guardrail to push outward, away from the roadway. The modified terminal ends are said to prevent the guardrail from pushing out, instead becoming a giant skewer that spears the vehicle – and the people inside.

Help for People Injured By Defective or Dangerous Products

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