Defective Airbags Being Recalled

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Faulty Airbags Causing Serious Injuries

A young woman was in a car accident and investigators were treating the accident as a homicide due to the stab wounds found on the driver. A week after the woman died from her injuries, a notice arrived in her mailbox that gave investigators the clue they needed to solve the mystery of the stab wounds. The notice urged the woman to bring her Honda into the nearest dealer immediately because of concerns that her airbags may malfunction, causing metal fragments and shrapnel to shoot towards the passengers when the faulty airbags are deployed. That notice told investigators that this was not a homicide after all, but a defective product issue, it also opened up possibly the largest recall ever.

Takata Corporation Under Fire in Airbag Lawsuits

The faulty airbags were manufactured by Takata Corporation, who provides airbags for numerous automakers, Honda being one of those. Takata announced recall in April 2014, then expanded the recall in June 2014 to include more vehicles. By July 2014, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a regional recall for any regions with high humidity – as Takata suspected that the humidity was somehow causing the malfunctions. The fact is, Takata really didn’t know what was causing the malfunctioning airbags until they investigated their own plant in Mexico. They found that the plant was allowing defects well above their established acceptable failure rate.

Is Your Vehicle on The Airbag Recall List?

We have a section of our website dedicated to Airbag Recall Lawsuits that lists all the vehicles currently affected by the Takata Airbag Recalls. Please feel free to consult that list. We will be updating it regularly as new information becomes available.

Pennsylvania Product Liability Attorneys

Unfortunately, dangerous and defective products are used every day in Pennsylvania. If you or someone you know was injured by a defective airbag, even if it was not a Takata airbag shooting shards of metal out, you can call on Handler Henning and Rosenberg to fight for your rights. Our product liability attorneys will not back down from a fight with a large corporation, we have the resources to take on any battle, large or small. Our law firm believes that injured people deserve to be compensated for the negligence of others and we fight to get our clients the most positive outcome possible in each case. We offer a free consultation about your case to help you make informed decisions moving forward, contact us today to get started.