PA Physicians Getting Kickbacks For Filling Prescriptions

PA Physicians Dispensing Prescriptions With a Markup Price

Workers’ Compensation claim costs are on the rise, according to a series of reports by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI). An economist compared Maryland and Pennsylvania, two states that allow physicians to dispense prescriptions with a price markup in place, to Georgia, a state that has recently reformed their laws to prevent high markups on prescription medications.

Lawmakers Step In – Softly

Pennsylvania State policymakers have attempted to limit physician dispensing, with mixed results. Physicians dispense 23% of prescriptions filled in Pennsylvania and 40% of those in Maryland. According to WCRI, prices for some drugs were as high as 667% more when filled by a physician in comparison to those dispensed at a pharmacy. Also according to WCRI, 41% of participants polled in a recent webinar believe it an unreasonable practice for physicians to add any markup at all.

Georgia has legislation in place to limit pharmacy costs and to reduce the costs of physician filled prescriptions. One year after the reform measures were enacted, price markups decreased by as much as 75%, nearly matching the prices for prescriptions filled by a pharmacy. It is believed that, by encouraging Workers’ Compensation patients to fill their prescriptions at a pharmacy rather than by the prescribing physician, work comp claim costs may be reduced.

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