NHTSA Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics - 2013

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In a new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), overall fatalities during crashes are at an all-time low despite a slight jump the previous year. There had been a steady decline in motor vehicle accident fatalities for 5 straight years until 2012 saw an increase – now, the trend appears to have resumed it’s descent. As with fatalities, injuries also declined, but it should be noted that the number of car accidents actually increased.

Nationwide Car Accident Statistics for 2013

  • There were 5,687,000 Car Accidents in 2013
  • 2.31 Million people were injured in a car accident
  • 32,719 people died in a car accident

Car Accident Injury Breakdown

Occupant Injuries Sustained during a Car Accident:

  • 1,296,000 Passenger Cars were involved in an injury accident
  • 750,000 Light Trucks were involved in an injury accident
  • 24,000 Large Trucks (Semi-Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Big Rigs, 18-Wheelers) were involved in an injury accident
  • 88,000 Motorcycles were involved in an injury accident

Non-Occupant Injuries Sustained as a Result of a Car Accident:

  • 66,000 Pedestrians were injured by a car
  • 48,000 Bicycle riders were injured by a car
  • 11,000 Other non-occupant injuries

Seat Belt Use Statistics Make a Strong Statement

84% of people who survived a fatal car accident in 2013 were wearing their seat belts. Oddly, there were slightly more fatal car accidents during the daytime (52%) than after dark.

Truck Accident Fatalities

It should be noted that far more people in a passenger vehicle are injured during a truck accident than are occupants of the big-rig, semi-tractor-trailer, or 18-wheeler truck. Of the 3,964 total fatal truck accidents, 2,834 (71%) were occupants of a vehicle others than the truck. That leaves 691 total truck occupants killed in a truck accident.

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