Keyless Ignition Vehicles With No Auto-Off Feature Prompt Class Action Lawsuit

Many newer vehicles have a technological feature known as a keyless ignition. This very feature, and a lack of an automatic shutoff feature, is the subject of a recent class action lawsuit. With a keyless ignition, the driver starts the car by pushing a button on the dash. The car will only start if the key fob is present in the vehicle. However, many vehicles’ engines will continue to run if the fob is removed from the vehicle, which the suit contends is a dangerous and possibly deadly situation. They cite this lack of an auto-off feature as a ‘defect’ in the automakers’ design.

Possible Carbon Monoxide Risk

At least one case cited in the keyless ignition lawsuit states that a Toyota Prius was parked in an enclosed garage, with the engine still running. Anyone who has been around a running Prius knows how quiet they can be. After time, carbon monoxide had built up inside the garage, which then seeped into the home. Some electric/gas hybrid vehicles will run on electric power until the batteries need to be recharged, at which time the gasoline motor starts on it’s own!

Automakers Named In The Keyless Ignition Lawsuit

Some older Chevrolet Volt models were recently recalled by General Motors (GM) to add an auto-off feature. Newer Volt models come standard with the auto-off feature. Other automakers are including this feature in their newer vehicles, still others offer an audible warning such as a horn beeping or a buzzer sounding inside the vehicle to notify the driver that vehicle is still running. The automakers named in the keyless ignition lawsuit include GM, Fiat Chrysler (FCAM), Toyota, Honda and more.

Injured by a Keyless Ignition Malfunction or Any Defective Product?

As Pennsylvania product liability attorneys, we know that innocent people are injured every day by a defective or faulty product. Consumers assume that the product they buy has been thoroughly tested to meet all safety standards, but sometimes, a product gets through the system that can cause serious injury or death. Our product liability attorneys hold manufacturers responsible for defective products, and help our clients get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured by any defective product, contact a product liability lawyer at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg today for a free consultation about your rights to compensation. There are time limits to file these types of claims, so get your free consultation today!


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