Motorcycle Versus Car Accident Kills One, Injures Another

One Man Injured in Car Accident

A 70-Year Old man from Upper Macungie Township was hospitalized at Lehigh Valley Hospital, in Salisbury Township, for minor injuries sustained in a car accident with a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the rider of the motorcycle was not so lucky. The biker died later, at Lehigh Valley Hospital, as a result of his injuries sustained in the accident.

Police Are Still Looking For Witnesses

The accident happened last Friday, August 29th, on Route 100 in the Lynn Township, in the New Tripoli section. The wreck took place at the intersection of Route 100 and Glenlivet Drive. Police have not determined the cause of the accident and are asking witnesses to step forward with any information they may have by calling 484-661-5911.

The Biker’s Worst Nightmare: Cars Turning Left, Across Oncoming Traffic

According to initial reports, the man driving the passenger vehicle was turning when he was struck by the motorcycle rider. Photos of the crash scene appear to indicate that the car was making a left turn, across traffic, and was struck in the front right corner by the motorcycle. The photos are not easy to look at, as the motorcycle is lodged beneath the vehicle, and the front of the car has major damage.

We Help Injured Motorcycle Riders After a Serious Accident

Talk to any motorcycle rider, and you will hear stories about how many ‘close calls’ they have lived through while riding. We meet motorcycle riders all the time who have been seriously injured by the negligence of another, and we hear a lot of these stories. A large proportion of these stories involve people turning left in front of the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to help the biker mentioned in this article, and our thoughts go out to his friends & family at this trying time. We also know that this biker had friends, probably more than a few of those friends also ride, and we are there to protect their rights to compensation if they are ever injured in a motorcycle accident.

PA Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Handler Henning and Rosenberg fights for injured riders because we care about bikers, in fact, several employees at our firm ride motorcycles. We appreciate the contribution that motorcycle clubs make to our local community. This is why we offer a Free Consultation to every injured motorcycle rider so that they can make an informed decision about their legal options. We urge injured bikers to NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you speak to an injury lawyer about your rights to compensation. There are time limits to file accident claims, so don’t delay, contact us today.


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