The End of Multiple Co-Payments

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If Senate Bill 487 passes, patients will no longer be required to pay multiple co-payments for a single visit involving physical therapy appointments, chiropractic treatments, or occupational therapy. The bill is being sponsored by Bucks County Senator Charles McIllhinney (R), who stated that in some cases, the co-payments exceeded the amount the plan paid to the care provider.

Approval From Legislators and Care Providers

The bill won approval from state legislators and the president of the PA PHysical Therapy Association, Gregory White. Mr. White stated that he has received reports from patients that ‘this practice resulted in a significant financial burden and limited access to rehabilitation services.’

Injured At Work or On The Job in Lancaster PA? File for Workers’ Compensation While You Heal

As Lancaster Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers, we meet lots of injured workers going through physical therapy or occupational therapy until they are able to return to work. The new legislation mentioned above will help anyone going through this ordeal, but it may not be enough. Filing for a workers’ compensation claim allows an employee to receive compensation to help make ends meet until they are able to perform their regular job duties. Workers’ Compensation benefits can pay for medical bills and lost wages while the injured worker focuses on their physical therapy, instead of focusing on the next step of the bureaucratic process involved in getting those benefits.

What About Someone Who Is Permanently Disabled Due To A Work Injury? We can Help With Social Security Claims and Appeals Too

Unfortunately, our workers’s compensation attorneys also talk to a great number of injured workers who face a completely different lifestyle after a debilitating injury. Adjusting to this can be overwhelming, especially for anyone trying to handle their Social Security Disability claim themselves. Not only are disability claims extremely complex, the whole process of filing for Social Security benefits has time constraints at every turn. Each form has to be filled out correctly, and submitted in a timely manner, to avoid your Social Security Disability claim being delayed or denied.

Social Security Disability Claim Denied? Don’t Give Up. We Are Here to Help.

Don’t give up of your Social Security disability claim has been denied, we can help you file an appeal for benefits to get your claim back into the system. The experienced Social Security disability lawyers at our law firm know how to avoid the obstacles that can cause your benefits claim to be denied or delayed. Put our experience to work for you & get the benefits you need when you need them. Contact a Social Security Disability lawyer in Lancaster, or at any of our Pennsylvania offices for a Free Consultation.