Should Pet Stores Post Breed Information?

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A new Bill is being presented to the House regarding the sale of dogs. The bill requires pet stores to post information about the dogs they sell. This legislation would require pet stores to post the dog’s breed, date of birth, location of the breeder, licensing information and any shot records for the animal.

The originator of the bill, Kevin Schreiber (D-York) hopes to motivate retailers to use reputable breeders. He also hopes the bill provides consumers with the comfort of knowing they have purchased a healthy pet. Representative Schreiber also introduced another bill aimed at training law enforcement how to interact with pets. He feels that the lives of family pets who are not a threat to police may be spared if officers are aware of common pet behavior.

Family pets are unfortunately killed by police officers more often than you might think. Usually, an officer is dispatched to a disturbance that is in or around a house with a dog trying to protect it’s property. Picture a police officer, dressed in dark colors, with lots of equipment hanging off their belt, talking into a noisy radio, and speaking loudly while approaching a house to respond to a call. Any dog would bark at this.

According to Schreiber, it is the officer’s responsibility to not overreact by simply shooting the dog when the dog does not honor the officer’s command to be quiet. That said, if there are police coming to your house or one nearby, use some common sense to ensure the safety of your family pet. You should try to keep your dog in it’s own yard and quiet, or better yet, bring your dog into your house until the situation subsides. Basically, don’t put your dog into a bad situation.

Dog Bites Are Serious Injuries

Dog bites are usually open wounds or puncture wounds and are known to be highly susceptible to infection. For this reason alone, you should seek immediate care from a medical professional after any dog bites. In most cases, a dog’s owner is responsible for any damage a dog causes, whether or not the dog has a history of dog-on-people aggression. Contact an experienced dog bite attorney at Handler Henning and Rosenberg for a Free Case Evaluation if you have any questions.