Car Accidents or Car Crashes & Collisions?

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There is a debate raging in nearby New York, whereby family members of those killed on New York City streets by vehicles are demanding District Attorneys use the term Car Crash or Car Collision in lieu of the term Car Accident. The family members have organized to form the Families For Safe Streets.

They contend that it is incorrect to use the term Car Accident because the word accident implies there is no fault, whereas the term crash or collision would still carry an opportunity to apply fault. This is a concern for them because many of their loved ones were killed by reckless drivers who were never held accountable.

There were over 500 pedestrians and cyclists killed since 2012, but there are only two known instances whereby the DA filed charges against a driver who did not commit another crime in the process, such as DUI, fleeing the scene, or running from the police. In other words, unless the driver did something else wrong in the process, they never faced any criminal charges after killing an innocent victim with a deadly weapon, that being a motor vehicle.

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