Winter Storms & Dropping Temperatures in Eastern PA

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A Big Storm Combined With Cold Temperatures Is Headed Our Way

There is a big winter storm heading towards Pennsylvania, and although most of the snow is expected to land in Central areas such as Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Carlisle, and Newport, the frigid arctic temperatures will definitely be felt by residents to the East in counties of Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading and York. Tomorrow, the tables turn, as Eastern areas get more of the snow. This is all culminating over Pennsylvania with the cold windy weather coming down from Lake Erie, meeting with a low pressure system just off the Atlantic coast.

Drive Carefully & Take Your Time

As a personal injury law firm, our attorneys see a rise in car accident cases every time there is a severe winter storm. As the temperature drops, icy roads can take their toll on drivers. Typically, a bit of patience and care can help avoid most of the car accident injuries we see.

Take Your Time – Plan For Weather Delays

Winter weather is time consuming, we all know this. Try to plan ahead by allowing extra time to reach your destination. An impatient driver is a dangerous driver.

Drive Defensively

The roads may be icy, be sure to be on the defensive by allowing extra room between you and the car in front of you to avoid a serious car accident injury. The person in front of you may not be planning ahead or driving defensively at all, so they may decide to stop suddenly.

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