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Pennsylvania motorcycle riders know they have an ally if they are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, because Handler Henning & Rosenberg not only fights for bikers, they are riders themselves. Two employees of Handler, Henning & Rosenberg are venturing out very soon on their way to the Mecca of all biker events – The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

2015 Marks the 75th Anniversary of The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Originally started as the Black Hills Classic, a rally involving stunts and racing. Hill climbing was added in 1961, along with motocross racing. The first race involved 9 participants. Since then, attendance has topped over a half million per year, reaching over 600,000 in the year 2,000.

What It’s Like at Sturgis

The city of Sturgis blockades several blocks off downtown’s Main Street, allowing only motorcycles to enter. Motorcycles are parked along both sides of the street, and there are two rows of parked motorcycles down the centerline of the street as well. There is plenty of shopping downtown, and there is no shortage of bars. There are hundreds of events going on throughout the event, including races, hill climbing, stunt shows, concerts, contests, and of course, lots of scenic rides.

Rides Around Sturgis

The Black Hills Ride is probably the most popular, but there are plenty more great roads throughout the area, such as Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, the Wildlife Loop, Vanocker Canyon Road and Spearfish Canyon. Visit historical landmarks such as Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, Bear Butte State Park, and The Badlands.

From the Sturgis Rally Website

The Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ is the experience of a lifetime in a place where local people can still show you a thing or two about hospitality and visiting exhibitors can show you anything and everything you'd want or need to dress you up or dress up your bike. Or heck, demo virtually every kind of bike on the market – custom, V-Twin or metric. It's like being a kid again, in a candy store. Only better! Because in addition to the bikes there are concerts and races and bike shows, five blocks of Main Street bikes-only street vibe, the 13th Annual Mayor's Ride, Michael Lichter's annual exhibit, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, organized rides, some pretty impressive watering holes, custom legends, blue skies and warm, sunny days. It's all waiting for you in Sturgis and the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Handler, Henning & Rosenberg Employees Profiles

Profile: Dianna Chatterton
Dianna is a Legal Secretary at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg, and she has also never been to Sturgis. Dianna got into riding through her husband, Brent. She and her husband are using this year’s event as a trial run to see if they wish to attend more of them. Brent and Dianna plan on riding through the Badlands, visiting Devils’ Tower, Mount Rushmore, and probably taking in a few more of the lovely roads around Sturgis.

Brent’s father rode motorcycles, his brother rides, and Brent has ridden since he was 13-years-old. He once rode from Idaho (where he was stationed in the U.S Air Force) to Pennsylvania, where he lives now. He has always had a motorcycle for as long as Dianna has known him, which means she’s been riding for 24 years now. Although Brent has had several bikes over the years, his current ‘baby’ is his 2007 Harley Davison Road Glide. The color: Black Pearl.

Profile: Dawn Fessler
Dawn is a Case Manager for Handler, Henning & Rosenberg, who has been riding for about 10 years now. She has never been to Sturgis before, and plans to visit Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, and several other events within Sturgis. The gentleman in the pictures is her fiancé, Chris Sanford. He currently rides a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Dawn and Dianna enjoy riding together all around Pennsylvania, and will be traveling together, they leave at the end of this month.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Lawyers of Handler Henning & Rosenberg

Motorcycle accident victims typically suffer far more serious injuries after an accident than occupants of a passenger vehicle, mainly because a biker simply doesn’t have the amount of protection around them. Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers see far too many riders suffer serious injuries by no fault of their own, only to have a big insurance corporation try to low-ball them with a minimal settlement offer. We do not stand for this type of behavior and we will not back down from a fight. Hiring the right law firm to handle your motorcycle accident really makes a difference, put our experience to work for you and get the compensation you deserve.

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