Former Employees of Golden Living Center In The News

A local couple, formerly employed by Golden Living Center nursing home has come forward to tell their story. The sentiments shared echo the Attorney General’s allegations of neglect. Care workers are stretched beyond their capabilities, as nursing homes cut back on staff. Typically, a staff member is responsible for as many as 15 residents.

Not Enough Staff To Adequately Care For Residents of Golden Living Center

There simply aren’t enough staff members to care for residents adequately, according to the former staff members. Residents are forced to wait to use the bathroom because they are unable to do so themselves. Others are made to wait far too long to be bathed or to have their briefs changed, wounds are not attended to, and medication is not being administered in a timely manner. All of these allegations point to nursing home abuse and elder neglect. This is exactly why the Attorney General filed charges against Golden Living Center nursing home, and why Handler Henning & Rosenberg is stepping up to help anyone who has suffered injury, abuse, or neglect at Golden Living Centers.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Near You

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of nursing home abuse, or if you suspect your loved one is being neglected in an assisted living facility, you have a legal counsel nearby. Handler Henning & Rosenberg has been helping people in Pennsylvania since 1922 to get the justice they deserve. Anyone who suspects instances of nursing home abuse, elder neglect, or any sort of injuries sustained in a care facility is urged to contact us for a FREE consultation. Use the simple form on this page to get started today, or visit one of our offices listed below.


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