Harrisburg Mayor Fights for Parking Changes

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Parking Policymakers Hear The Mayor’s Pleas

Many Harrisburg residents have complained about the newer parking systems being employed downtown. The people who make decisions about parking regulations (including rates, and policies) is the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority Board (PEDFA). During a meeting this morning in the Keystone Building, PEDFA listened to Mayor Eric Papenfuse as he presented his ‘common sense’ parking reforms intended to make parking in downtown Harrisburg a little less troublesome for residents and visitors.

Mayor Papenfuse’ Changes to Harrisburg Parking

While the mayor does not have the authority to change parking policy, he maintains that he has plenty of authority to speak for the residents of Harrisburg and their visitors. With that in mind, the mayor persuaded PEDFA to consider a plan that includes lower rates during happy hour, four hours of free parking on Saturdays (for users of the Pango mobile app), and a grace period of five minutes after the meter has expired before a citation can be given.

Papenfuse’ proposed changes were not initially embraced by PEDFA, as the mayor saw resistance to his efforts in January. He is very pleased to see some progress being made that appeases all parties involved. "You'll have a new, better, less expensive, more positive system ... that can really be an asset to the city." Papenfuse said. A news conference will be held tomorrow morning to officially announce the parking changes.

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