Hundreds Contract Infection From Duoendoscope With Existing Bacteria & Fatal Superbug Infections

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Bacteria Infection After Duoendoscope Procedure Resulting in Fatal Superbug Infections

Hospitals in Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh reported a deadly pattern of illness among their patients in 2012. Upon further investigation, the cause was determined to be CRE bacteria – which is a superbug extraordinaire because it kills 40% of those infected and because it is highly resistant to antibiotics. How did these people contract CRE? In each case, the source of the infection was traced to an endoscope procedure.

What Are Endoscopes? What’s a Duoendoscope? What is ERCP?

An endoscope is a medical device used for examining the inside of a body cavity. The device consists of a flexible tube with a small camera and a light at the end. An endoscope is inserted through an opening in the body, such as the mouth or nose.

A duoendoscope is a specialized endoscope used to view the top of the small intestine (duodenum), and is typically used to diagnose problems of the pancreas and bile ducts during a procedure called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).

Endoscope Manufacturers, Pentax Medical & Olympus, Under Fire

Olympus Corp. endoscopes were used at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center, where many patients were infected by contaminated scopes. Pentax endoscopes were used in Chicago where over 40 patients were infected with CRE, the antibiotic-resistant superbug mentioned earlier.

Olympus has released new instructions for cleaning it’s endoscopes, while Pentax has released a statement that they are “actively engaged with the FDA…” in developing better procedures for cleaning the endoscopes. The FDA warned doctors and other medical providers just this year that duodenoscopes may still contain bacteria, even after performing the manufacturers’ cleaning procedures.

Pennsylvania Duodenoscope Infection Attorney – Defective Medical Devices

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