Danger: Deer Crossing Roads in Pennsylvania

There are many dangers present on area roadways in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania: distracted drivers, drunk drivers, heavy semi-trucks, and more. However, in late-October and early-November, there is an added danger: deer crossings.

It’s Deer Season – The Rut is Upon Us

According to PennDOT and the state Game Commission, crashes between deer and vehicles increase dramatically in October and November. The biggest reason for the rise in these accidents? The deer mating season (referred to as the "rut") which peaks in late October to mid-November due to dwindling daylight and colder temperatures.

"We’re coming into the biggest time of the year for the rut," said Tom Fazi, state Game Commission public information officer. "The deer are on the move-bucks especially-and they are looking for mates. Does are being pushed by these bucks, and there’s more chance for them to cross roads."

Pennsylvania Deer Accident Statistics

The statistics back this up. A total of 16,790 deer-related crashes were reported statewide from 2010 through 2014, and nearly half of these-7,879-occurred between October and November. Although many states see an increase in deer-car collisions this time of year, Pennsylvania stands out even on a nationwide scale: our state ranked fourth in the country for the likelihood of motorists to have a deer-related accident according to State Farm Insurance, putting the odds of a Pennsylvania driver filing a claim because of deer at 70 to 1.

The best way to avoid an accident with deer crossing the road is the simplest way: be alert and don’t speed. Additionally, use extra caution at known crossings, which are often marked by signs. If you see one deer cross ahead of your, apply your brakes, because there may be more following.

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