Some Colonial Park Residents Not In Favor of Widening I-83

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I-83 Project Causing People to Use Surface Streets as Shortcuts

As PennDOT works to improve Pennsylvania’s roadways, their work can sometimes cause a bit of strife for local residents. Such is the case with residents in Colonial Park, who are wedged between Route 22 and Interstate 83. As PennDot widens I-83, impatient drivers are using local neighborhood streets to get around the busy construction sites. In doing so, many of the local residents are not happy about how impatiently and carelessly most drivers are behaving as they try to navigate around the congestion.

Colonial Park Supervisors Seem Flippant To Residents’ Complaints

Over a dozen residents of Colonial Park, and Old Colonial Park have already contacted township supervisors in an attempt to make their neighborhood safer. They are requesting speed limit signs be added, as many of these shortcuts pass through areas where the signs are not posted. So far, those supervisors have redirected all complaints towards PennDOT. So far, no solutions are in place for accommodating the local neighbors as PennDOT widens I-83.

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