Harrisburg DUI Driver Pleads Guilty And Receives Prison Sentence

Jarae Lee was accused of causing two separate DUI accidents in 2015, one involving a pedestrian. In November 2015, Harrisburg police responded to a collision involving a vehicle striking a tree. The driver, Jarae Lee, and the passenger had to be mechanically extricated from the vehicle and transported to the hospital. It was later discovered that Lee's BAC was .156 and she was charged with Aggravated Assault while DUI and DUI.

Less than one month later on December 13, 2015, Harrisburg Police responded to a report of a pedestrian accident on Derry Street. After arriving on the scene, police witnessed a driver strike a male pedestrian. The driver was later identified as Lee. Based on video, police saw Lee try to strike the male pedestrian several times with her vehicle even turning around in multiple attempts to hit the pedestrian. After resisting arrest, Lee was charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Harassment by Prisoner, and Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officers.

Lee pleaded guilty to the charge and received a sentence of between two to four years in prison and five years probation.

Pennsylvania DUI Accidents

During 2014, there were 10,550 alcohol-related car crashes that resulted in numerous injuries and 333 deaths. Even though this was a slight decrease from the number of DUI accidents and deaths in 2013, driving under the influence still remains a serious safety problem throughout Pennsylvania.

When a driver is charged with DUI, he or she faces serious penalties if convicted including fines, prison time, license revocation, probation, and alcohol treatment programs. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a crime in Pennsylvania as it is in all 50 states. However, DUI accidents can be both criminal and civil causes of action.

When a driver causes an accident, that driver can be held accountable for the damages that result from that accident. A DUI accident is no different. You must prove that the driver as at fault for the collision, you suffered injuries as a result of the collision, and you have damages that are compensable under Pennsylvania's personal injury laws. Regardless of whether the driver is found guilty of DUI charges, if you can prove your case, you can receive compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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