Drug Makers Allegedly Deceive The New England Journal of Medicine About Their Drug Xarelto

Last month, lawyers filed a legal brief in a New Orleans federal court requesting that a judge unseal documents in the case. The attorneys allege in a footnote to the brief that Johnson & Johnson and Bayer misled The New England Journal of Medicine in an article published about the effectiveness of their drug Xarelto. It should be shocking that a drug maker would mislead anyone about the effectiveness or risks of a drug but it is not. This is just another allegation in what is becoming a common news story about drug makers putting profits before the health and welfare of the public.

A Misleading Letter Concerning Clinical Trial Results?

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer hired Duke Clinical Research Institute to conduct a three-year clinical trial involving more than 14,000 patients. The results of the trial led to regulators approving Xarelto for use. The results have now come under scrutiny because a blood-testing device used in the study malfunctioned. Duke researchers published a letter in The New England Journal of Medicine last month stating the problems with the device did not change the results of study. However, some members of the medical community challenge this finding and suggest a better way to test the theory. It has not been discovered that researchers did conduct more lab work but that data was left out of their letter.

The attorneys for patients suing Johnson & Johnson and Bayer over safety allegations of the drug Xarelto allege in court documents that the drug makers participated in misleading The New England Journal of Medicine because the companies knew about the crucial data that was left out of the letter but said nothing.

Experts, researchers, and other disagree on whether this is actual case of intentional concealment because authorities on the matter disagree whether the data would have changed the final conclusions of the study. The matter will certainly be followed closely by attorneys for patients injured by taking Xarelto. As the defective drug cases against the J&J and Bayer continue alleging Xarelto injuries, the issue of this data is likely to be thoroughly investigate to determine if this in any way contributed to the injuries sustained by people who took Xarelto.

What Is Xarelto?

Xarelto is a blood thinner that has earned almost $2 billion in sales in the United States since just last year. It is the best seller among new drugs seeking to replace an older blood thinner medication known as warfarin. Numerous lawsuits have been filed and are pending for damages sustained by patients who have taken Xarelto.

Have You Been Injured by the Side Effects Of A Defective Drug?

All prescription and over-the-counter drugs are not as safe as the drug makers want you to believe. In some cases, crucial warnings are omitted or test data is ignored when rushing to have a drug approved by the FDA. Regardless of the reason, if you are injured by the side effects or complications of a defective drug, you have the right to receive compensation for your injury.

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