Stronger Pennsylvania DUI Laws Now in Effect

In October, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation that made Pennsylvania DUI penalties more severe. The new DUI laws took effect on December 23. The laws are the first in state history to make certain DUI offenses felonies. Now, anyone who is charged with a DUI over twice the legal limit for alcohol three times within a decade will be charged with a felony. Additionally, any person charged with a fourth-time DUI will face felony charges.

Felony charges are not the only thing changing in the state’s DUI laws. The laws also allows for longer jail sentences when drivers unintentionally kill someone while drunk. Other changes include larger fines and harsher penalties for people driving under the influence with a suspended license.

DUI Injuries & Deaths in Pennsylvania

In 2016, Pennsylvania roads had 10,256 alcohol-related crashes. These accidents took the lives of 297 people and injured 4,911 more. These new penalties seek to prevent accidents caused by individuals who have a history of DUI. However, sometimes the criminal justice system doesn't do enough to help the victims of DUI accidents.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, justice is possible in the civil justice system. You may have the right to be compensated through a civil lawsuit. Recovering lost wages, medical costs, and property damage may be possible with the help of a Pennsylvania car accident attorney from Handler, Henning & Rosenberg. These new laws are not all-encompassing, and they only put harsher punishments on repeat offenders. You deserve justice, and HHR is ready to fight for your recovery.

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