Do I Need an Attorney After a Hanover Car Accident?

Pennsylvania has a lot of car accidents. In 2017, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) found that there were an average of 351 traffic crashes each day. This means that a traffic accident occurs in Pennsylvania about 15 times per hour. Each car accident varies in severity, and not all have serious injuries. However, most car accidents have one thing in common: insurance will be involved.

Drivers in Hanover might not be certain if they need the help of their attorney. This is particularly true because of the state’s no-fault insurance laws. Because suing the other party can be more difficult after a car accident, many Pennsylvanians assume that they only need to speak with their insurance company. This is not true, and every person in the state should speak with an attorney as they work to receive compensation from their insurer. Doing so might help them obtain the proper amount of compensation.

No-Fault Laws & Hanover Car Accident Insurance Claims

In most states, drivers go through a responsible party’s insurance to recuperate losses. However, since Pennsylvania is a no-fault insurance state, claims work differently for Hanover accidents. Because of these insurance laws, drivers are frequently unable to pursue compensation from any insurance policy except their own. Though drivers may opt-out of no-fault laws by carrying more expensive insurance, many opt for a no-fault policy to save money.

Because of the state’s no-fault laws, many PA residents falsely believe that an attorney’s help is not needed after an accident since they might not be able to pursue the other party for damages. However, there are times when a person can make a third-party insurance claim or file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for an accident.

These times include the following:

  • When injuries are severe and meet specific thresholds
  • If a driver “opted out” of no-fault insurance by purchasing appropriate coverage

Hiring an Attorney for a Claim with Your Insurer

As mentioned above, a person still should speak with an attorney if they are filing a claim with their insurance company after an accident. This is because insurance companies do not always provide their policyholders with the best possible claim. Insurance companies are business, and they do not hesitate to deny or delay a claim to preserve their bottom line. Insurance companies make money on premiums by investing them before paying out a claim. Insurance companies refer to the difference between the premiums they’ve received and the claims they pay out as “float.” Essentially, float is money that insurance companies are holding which will eventually be used to pay claims. The longer they hold this money, the more they can make by investing it.

Insurance companies frequently offer a claimant a low settlement because they know that, once a person accepts a settlement, they cannot pursue additional payment. They’ll even delay or deny a claim in the hope that a person desperately accepts an offer. Hiring an attorney means that claimants have an advocate with the experience needed to tell whether an insurer’s offer is fair. Importantly, research has revealed that attorneys are very effective for insurance claims. One consulting firm found that claimants represented by attorneys recovered 90 percent more after their accident than those who did not turn for an attorney for help. This finding is reinforced by investigations by CNN, which found that insurance companies decided to fight small auto accident claims in an attempt to pay less.

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