Pennsylvania Rolling Out Speed Enforcement for Work Zones

During the height of the pandemic, Pennsylvania began a new program designed to keep construction workers safe from speeding vehicles. The Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement program will be deployed only in roadside construction zones while workers are on-site. The program is being executed by an Australian company that uses cars equipped with radar and cameras to send pictures of speeding vehicles. 

Any vehicles going more than 11 miles per hour in the construction zone will get a warning the first time, a $75 fine the next time, and $150 every violation after that. These violations do not come with points on your license. Additionally, the radar-equipped cars will be clearly labeled as speed enforcement vehicles, and there will be clear signage giving drivers time to slow down before they’re caught speeding. 

How Drivers Will Be Notified

As a joint operation between state police, PennDOT, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the citation will be mailed to the address associated with the vehicle, and will be addressed to the vehicle’s owner. If your child or someone who doesn’t own your car is caught speeding through a construction zone, you’ll be on the hook for the fine. 

More Than 26,0000 Fines in 6 Months

Despite lighter traffic due to COVID-19, the enforcement program has already handed out 26,000 speeding citations, including about 2,600 to repeat offenders. Enforcement programs like this might be a good way to nudge people toward slowing down in construction zones. According to US DOT, work zone crash fatality rates went up since 2016, while most other car accident rates were going down. In Pennsylvania, the number of work zone fatalities increased by nearly 50% between 2016 and 2019.

Motorists and work site managers alike share the responsibility of keeping roadside construction workers safe. When drivers fail to slow down or employers fail to set up proper safety precautions, it’s construction workers who pay the price. 

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