Who’s At Fault If My Car Is Pushed Onto Railroad Tracks?

Though it’s rare, there are times when a car collision pushes a vehicle onto the train tracks, where a much more deadly train crash can occur. Train accidents in general are rare, and we should be thankful: at their speed and size, train accidents cause catastrophic damage to anything or anyone on the tracks. 

However, when they do happen, who is at fault?

In general, the fault of a train accident lies with multiple parties. A crossing that is overgrown or lacks sufficient signage would make the railroad at fault for any accidents. A train that’s going too fast or fails to provide sufficient warning before reaching a crossing makes the rail company liable. And sometimes, a drive can misjudge the time and distance they need to cross safely, which means they would be responsible for impact.

But what about in cases where a car rear-ends another vehicle onto the tracks?

To answer that, we should consider a similar (and much more common) car accident: a multi-vehicle fender-bender accident. In heavy traffic, a single vehicle rear-ending another car with sufficient force would cause a chain reaction that would involve up to three or four other cars. While there are situations where a car in the middle or at the front would be partially at fault, the car that made the first impact would be found at fault. 

Excluding all other facts, any case where a car rear-ends another and pushes them onto the train track would not only be at fault for the initial impact, but also for the impact between the second vehicle and the train. 

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