Pennsylvania Order Protects Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

On June 11, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine issued an order requiring hospitals to replace damaged or contaminated respirators immediately, implement universal masking, and other measures to protect healthcare workers from hazardous working conditions. Union nurses first raised issues about working conditions with the health secretary, after which she committed to “deliver a safer environment” for healthcare workers on the frontlines.

As of today, there have been 82,186 COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania, with 78% of those cases recovered. Just under 6,500 people have died from COVID in the state.

Healthcare Workers Deserve Protection Through the Pandemic

Like anyone else, healthcare employees face work-related hazards all the time. As the frontline workers of the pandemic, nurses, doctors, technicians, and hospital workers of all kinds face the threat of infection on a daily basis. As the state reopens, they will still be dealing with potentially hundreds of people with COVID-19 on a daily basis. The health secretary’s order makes it illegal for hospitals to fail to provide clean respirators and masks, but hospitals should have been providing these things in the first place.

Healthcare workers deserve protection, which means hospitals are obligated to provide them with as many resources as they need to keep themselves safe. Employers in all industries are required to do the same: mitigate workplace risks, created a safe work environment, and give workers the resources they need to do their jobs.

Representing Healthcare Workers Made Ill by Unsafe Conditions

Our Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys are assisting healthcare workers who have been made ill by coronavirus as a result of unsafe working conditions. It’s more vital than ever for healthcare workers to get the resources they need, especially if they’ve suffered loss of income due to COVID infection. 

If you’ve gotten sick as a result of unsafe conditions at your hospital, speak with our firm to learn your options. We’ve been representing workers in Pennsylvania since 1922, winning countless claims on their behalves. We offer free consultations, so call us or send us an online message today to get started.

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