When Does PA Workers Compensation Start Paying?

When a worker is injured in Pennsylvania, bills won’t wait for their workers’ compensation benefits to arrive. With finances on the line, injured workers are often urgently curious about when they can expect to receive payments under their employer’s workers’ compensation plan.

Workers Should Report Injuries Immediately

Receiving a timely worker’s compensation involves a worker to take as much initiative as their employer to start the process. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law requires a worker to notify their employer of an injury within 21 days of the event that caused it. In some instances, an injured employee might have 120 days to report their accident. However, it’s best to file a claim as soon as possible. By doing this, a worker is placing the ball in their employer’s court.

When do Do Workers’ Compensation Payments Begin?

After a worker submits and injury notice, an employer and their workers’ compensation insurance provider have 21 days to respond to a claim. The workers’ compensation insurer will either approve the claim and offer a settlement to the injured part or will deny the claim and provide a reason for doing so. If a claim is approved, payments usually arrive within one to weeks or sooner.

How Can I Speed Up the Workers’ Compensation Process?

There are some steps a worker can take to make sure their workers’ compensation claim is handled as quickly as possible. As mentioned above, submitting an immediate notice of an injury instantly starts the clock for your employer and their insurer.

Another important step to making sure a claim is approved quickly is seeking medical attention for injuries. When a worker has proof from a doctor that they’ve sustained a work-related injury, it makes the claims process easier for the insurance company.

What If My Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Wasn’t Approved or Is Too Low?

If your claim was unfairly denied or insurance offers inadequate payments for your injury, help is available. Importantly, never accept an offer if you think it isn’t correct or fair. Once a person accepts a settlement for a claim, they’re unable to pursue the issue further.

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