PA Workers' Compensation Loophole Affects Drug Costs

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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law is designed to help a person who was injured at work or on the job, get the help they need to recover fully and return to work. The program was not intended to help private companies benefit financially, but that appears to be the case.

Workers Comp laws allow a physical to prescribe medications to their patients and to dispense those medications from their offices. There is new legislation in place (specifically, HB 1846) which is intended to limit how long a work comp physician can dispense medications from their office.

The practice of a physician dispensing medications is a rarity in the health insurance industry. Typically, a physician prescribes the drug, and a pharmacist dispenses that drug to the patient. The workers compensation loophole allows for company to repackage the same drug and reselling it for exorbitant costs by partnering up with crooked doctors and over charging medical insurance companies.

Patients Taking Medication longer

Studies have shown that patients tend to stay on their medications longer when they are dispensed by their physician. The same studies showed a correlation between the time on medication and the time away from work. Once again, the PA Workers’ Compensation system is designed to get you back to work, not to continue paying workers comp benefits.

The bill was passed unanimously, and was supported by:

  • Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Several Organizations of Law Enforcement
  • Dept. of Labor and Industry
  • Dept. of Drug & Alcohol Programs
  • Virtually Every Major Employer Organization in the State

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Information

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