Manufacturing Is Big Business in Hanover

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Hanover a Manufacturing Magnet

During a recent tour of local businesses in Hanover PA, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Secretary, Julia Hearthway described Hanover as a ‘manufacturing magnet’. The purpose of her tour was to begin a dialog about how state officials and local manufacturing companies can work together to promote more jobs in Hanover and all of Pennsylvania.

More Manufacturing Jobs = More Work Injuries

According to the National Safety Commission’s 2012 annual report, there were 14,335,000 manufacturing workers in the U.S. as of 2011, of which 14,238,000 were in the private sector. Of all manufacturing occupations studied, Production jobs were the leaders among workplace injuries that required time away from work – there were 81,750 cases in 2011. The second leading manufacturing occupation was Transportation, with 22,280 cases – a little over a quarter of that.

Most Common Manufacturing Workplace Injuries

Sprains and Strains are the most commonly reported injuries across the board of all Workers’ Compensation claims. Manufacturing job injuries are no different, as there were 39,790 cases reported. The runner up was Cuts & Lacerations, with less than half that number at 14,770. The body parts most effected were the Trunk, Hands & Shoulders.

Help for Those Injured at Work or On-The-Job

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