The One Way Streets of Chambersburg Will Stay That Way

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One Way Streets To Stay One Way

During a recent Borough Council meeting, an idea was proposed to convert the two main One-Way streets that run through Chambersburg (PA Route 30 and Route 11) into Two-Way streets in an effort to increase traffic to the downtown area. The irony of this is that the roads were converted to One-Way streets for the same reason, back in 1955.

Modernizing Traffic Signals Instead

The Council decided to table the idea of converting the two streets. They are in the planning phase of upgrading Chambersburg’s 60+ traffic signals instead, as most are very old and in need of updating. Allen Coffman, President of the Borough of Chambersburg’s Town Council states: “Carlisle is already using this system, it is tied to a computer system that synchronizes all the lights to provide the best traffic flow possible.”

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Should I Hire an Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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