PA Attorney General Investigates Golden Living Nursing Home

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Local Chain of Nursing Homes Under Fire After Claims of Neglect

The Attorney General has filed legal action against a local nursing home chain after reports of neglect surfaced. Reports indicate that Golden Living Centers are understaffed to a point that residents were unable to receive assistance required for food, water, bathing and using the restroom. Many residents were left in soiled diapers for overly extensive periods of time. Other residents showed bedsores that appear when a patient is not turned or moved often enough. This is a clear sign of neglect.

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Records Falsified To Hide Abuse

Allegations include staffing being increased during inspections, many times with administrative staff serving the role of care providers. Staff members are alleged to have falsified records to indicate residents received regular care that was not administered.

Golden Living Locations Affected

It is important to note that the only Golden Living Centers effected by this action are the Camp Hill, Gettysburg and Harrisburg locations. Lancaster and Lewistown locations have not been named in the legal action being brought by the Attorney General. Click here to file a health care complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office

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